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Welcome | Bienvenue | Kaze |Karibu

We are two teenage girls. But likely not exactly what you’re thinking of. We’re TCKs (Third Culture Kids), MKs (Missionary Kids) whose parents serve in a hospital in rural Burundi. We are going to a Christian missionary boarding school in Kenya called Rift Valley Academy for high school. We’ve both lived in France and the USA/Canada. We love our lives as Third Culture Kids / Missionary Kids and love all the unique experiences that we get to have and see. But there are hard parts as well of holding these titles. We want to use this blog to try to further explain all of this and to get you better to understand a little of what exactly what our life is like being TCK’s and MK’s

-Ella and Matea

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


While we may come from different places, and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

-Albus Dumbledore
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