Uncertainty is hard for me. I’m the type of person who likes to know what to expect, and I want to have a plan to stick to. As MKs, that’s a real bummer, because we experience a lot of uncertainty. Throughout our whole lives we deal with spur-of-the-moment goodbyes, sudden moves, and unpredictable violence, sickness, or travel problems that push us off course. Often we are left waiting and praying for some sort of direction when things don’t turn out how we expected them to. More often than not we have no idea where we will be in a year, a couple months, or even a week, and that’s something that we’ve learned to live with.

This time of COVID-19 brings uncertainty to everyone around the world, and we’re not spared from that. Our term at RVA was ended 2 weeks early, so that everyone would be able to get back to their families before airports and borders were closed. Students were told this Wednesday night. We packed up and cleaned our entire dorm, took tests, turned in unfinished projects, made travel plans, took sport team photos, said brief goodbyes, and before we knew what was happening we were on a plane to Burundi Saturday morning. We were recently informed that 3rd term classes will be entirely online. Plans were cancelled. Goodbyes weren’t said. It’s not what we expected it to be and we don’t know exactly how it’s going to work out now.

So far in Burundi there only a few confirmed cases of COVID-19, and schools and markets are continuing as normal. Our hospital has been preparing the best that it can for the arrival of the infection here in Kibuye, although we don’t know exactly what that will look like. We’ve been helping by sewing homemade masks, putting up hand-washing posters, and distancing ourselves from the community. We’re currently living out of suitcases, ready to go back to North America if the U.S. embassy arranges a flight. I find myself texting my friends over and over that I don’t know what’s going to happen or what the plan is, although I wish I did.

But when nothing else in our lives is certain, we can find peace in the fact that we have a God who does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Throughout all of this, He is working. He knows the plan even when we don’t, and he will guide us and protect us no matter what happens. And that’s something we can count on.

family worship – social distancing style
lots of homemade masks
escaping for a hike

One thought on “Uncertain

  1. Dear Ella, you are such a lovely young woman, inside and out. You’ve articulated so well the turmoil and uncertainty of this time as well as the fact that the Lord has us, always! Praying for you and your family. Lots of love, Bina

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